Finally, some buzz about the metal scene.
Gahhhhh I’ve been waiting. The valley has been kinda metal-starved.
But the famine may be coming to an end.

Walking Corpse Syndrome
has a show [click here for deets]  at The Bandit in C. Falls on the 28th, Stupid Human Suit has come out of hibernation (aka music-making mode) and will be there with some new stuff too. And to top it all off, I’ve caught word of two new metal bands that have surfaced….. Into The Breach and Loin Hammer.

So I decided to crash a practice and see what’s what.


L to R: Roman, Rob, Paul, Ritchie

I showed up at Into The Breach‘s spot, not knowing what to expect. Like your typical jam space, the quartet assembled into a garage packed with equipment, a wood stove, beer, and pizza.

Not a bad set-up if you ask me.

Of course I snapped a few pics and video clips to bring back to you guys.

But first, the particulars.

Who is Into the Breach

The four piece hardcore melodic metal group consists of:
Roman Hopper – Vocals
Ritchie Baier- Guitar
Paul Houseal- Guitar
Robert Cox- Drums

NLNW: What’s new? 
ITB: “We got a vocalist, have five completed songs now, and are getting ready to play shows soon”

NLNW: It’s crazy to see how a wide variety of influences come together to make up a band’s sound. Who influences each of you?
Rob: As Blood Runs Black, Job For A Cowboy, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Metallica
Paul: Everytime I Die, Deftones, Megadeath, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Finch
Ritchie: After The Burial, The Acacia Strain, Born Of Osiris, The Faceless, Veil Of Maya, Northlane, Volumes, Dream Theatre, Texas In July
Roman: Chimaira, Black Dahlia Murder, As Blood Runs Black

NLNW: Sounds like a hodge-podge of awesome sauce. So what are your next three “to do’s”?

  1. Playing Shows
  2. Recording
  3. Merch

NLNW: Describe your band space for us.
ITB: “Cold, cramped, dark, METALLL”
Do you think you guys have a good idea of who these cats are? Well, don’t just take my word for it, take a listen.
[Editors note: I recorded this with a nokia cell phone.... I think it didnt do too bad of a job, sorry I couldn't pick up the vocals any better for you guys. Blame it on the AT&T sales guy... You'll just have to come to a show and experience it yourself.]

What did you think? You can stay tuned to Into The Breach on Facebook and ReverbNation by clicking the links and subscribing.

Keep spreading that Local Love, my friends!


Lucky me, last week I swung through Crush for open mic night. They’re known around the valley for what a BA time it is, and it had been too long.

I heard that some of the new hip hop kids I’ve been stalking were going to be there, along with a few of my favorites- Laura, Oshinn, Dana from God Fearing Women, and Don Caverly.

It’s all around a fun time, supportive crowd, good vibe, and $2 shots of Fireball ;) And….. it’s every Thursday come hell or high water.

Signups up at 7, music starts at 9. After your done soaking up all of this wonderful Montana sunshine, come say hi.

see you there!



Image courtesy of David Dalla G

Wanna know a secret?

Sometimes music friends let me hear the raw, uncut, hey-I-just-laid-this-down, very beginnings of a project. Long before it’s a complete song, it’s sitting there in my Dropbox.

I love having this sorts of privvy. I’m honored, honestly. I’m being trusted with highly sensitive top secret information (and c’mon, who doesn’t want to feel like a super spy!)

But really, my favorite part is seeing how the track changes between that point and when the final cut is made. Watching a rough idea grow and progresses into a banger. I have time to really get to connect with the project before I present it to all of you.

Months ago, Bozeman emcee David Dalla G, did just that and sent me a little something he was working on over J.Dilla‘s Thought U Waz Nice.

It may not have been the final cut of Try, but it was love at first listen. One of those times when you know an artist just laid everything on their mind out on that track and killed it.

In his Facebook post releasing the song, David mentions “Writing this was very therapeutic for me.” As an audience we can really relate when an artist lets that guard down, and DDG definitely shows us that bare it all as he talks about getting through doubts in life, love, and career. It really gives the listener that bonding moment, like yeah me too dude, I don’t want to be that person “24 stuck just broke in a kitchen” (1:21).

Try inspires you to take action and keep pursuing those dreams, even in the face of doubt. It offers the advice: “Just know that everything’ll be alright// we can make it through another day, another night// I ain’t saying that its easy, cause that would be a lie// My best advice is just try.

Keep your ear out for my all time favorite part (@1:38). He just kills it on this whole verse, but I the line “Show me any giant, and I’ll show you King David” is just plain epic if you ask me.



Beeznest has just released his track, Find My Way to SoundCloud.

The song, featuring friend and fellow emcee Hectic, has been available to purchase through iTunes and Amazon for a little over a month. I like this song as it shows how strong of a lyricist he is, as well as giving us a taste of both artists vocal abilities.

Beeznest, who busted into the hip hop scene after making it to the Top 5 at this year’s Zoo Music Awards is quickly gaining statewide notoriety. And although he won’t be taking the award this year, he is definitely an artist to keep in eye on.

He’ll be sharing the stage with some of Montana’s greats at the MT Hip Hop Alliance at The Filling Station (Bozeman) and Ole Beck VFW (Missoula) next month. You can find out details and RSVP here  and peep the poster below.


See you on the front lines!


[Good Gold] My Golden Birthday Show

Oh man!
4 days until the day I have most looked forward to my whole life. Don’t ask me why 25 has always been so important to me…. It just seemed like a good age when I was a kid. My goal was to have taken over the world by then, or at least a small country. So far I’m a little behind on that goal…. But Crush is letting me take over the bar for a night. That’s kinda the same thing. Right?!

Added a few more people to the lineup, well, because more is better:

Hectic & Beeznest
Nic Nak
MT Souls
Traff the Wiz
David Dalla G

Power line-up if I do say so myself! So come out and get down, enjoy some of the finest hip-hop from across the state. Oh, and buy me shots… lots of lots of shots ;)

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Well its about time to get back @ this blogging thing, yeah?

Why not start by covering a certain tour that caused quite the buzz across social media this month?


Saturday night at Monks was the final stop on the These Things Take Time tour [#TTTT]. A 8 day 7 show journey across 4 states. “T5″ celebrated the releases of both Traff The Wiz‘s 11-track LP, “These Things Take Time” and Codependents‘ release of an EDM inspired Hip-Hop EP,  “Out (t)Here.”

Joining them on tour were 406-based emcees Rude Max and Hemingway.
And since I always forget the DJ’s…. Tonality and BVS joined the crewas well as Enkrypted and Brand-1 on various stops across the tour.

After my news feed was flooded with a bunch of pictures, videos, and general posts about the tour. I knew I had to get my ass to the last stop on the tour for sure. I caught a ride up from the Valley with a couple local hip hop studs (S/O to Nic Nak and Chach! Thanks for the ride homies) bumping an assortment of the finest PNW underground. We kidnapped DJ Tonality (and his equipment) pretty much as soon as we rolled up on Missoula, swung through The ‘Bro’dega for some grub, and then it was off to unload and sound-check.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger hates sound check.

Aside from getting to pre-game in peace and make friends with the bartender, there is nada to keep me entertained. So therefore, I pre-game and people-watch. Yep, that’s right artists, I’m sitting there sipping my Coldsmoke and judging you…. and trying to figure out if you seem like the type to let me snag a minute of your time.

Lucky me, this show I escorted myself to the green room and copped a moment Joe Horton, lyricist from that night’s special guest No Bird Sing. And for a brief moment we got to chat. I admitted I had only started listening to them about three days prior, but had Ars Poetica on repeat since. He dished a bit about his tour coming to a close, some new music, and we chatted about the city that has his heart before the demands of show preparations stole him back. I ducked outta the green room before anyone noticed I was not, in fact, a musician.

Fast forward to their set, there was one moment when Joe came down off stage and performed right alongside the crowd. Looking around at the circle of fans, old and new, not a head wasn’t nodding.

A first for me that night was seeing Hemingway perform. Holy. Wow. New favorite artist, right here. Bumped that Balance mixtape the whole way back to Kalispell. And that girl, Michal Madeline, damn. Her voice took my breath away. Usually I’m kinda meh on live female hip-hop vocals. But something about her unexpected sultry, soulful voice caught my attention. I keep finding myself humming her song Eyes Wide Open. Best song of their’s live? I vote Old School Sh*t. It has this groovy feel to it, the crowd dug it, and it honors all of those things us babies born on the cusp of the 80’s and 90’s still love.

It was the last stop of the tour, and the crew shared the scoop from road. I can’t even begin to imagine the adventure that accompanies 10 people being stuck together in an 11 passenger van…

Strange how they all cited Denver as a kick ass time. Surely it can’t have anything to do with those new “smoker friendly” laws, hanging out with MAULSKULL, and hitting up a record store.

Hands down, the award for the best crowd goes to Bozeman though. I heard you all went HAM!! And after I caught some live footage from Just For Fun Photography, there was no doubt. That crowd was fierce. And with Boz being Hemingway‘s hometown, his set featured a live band complete with a stand-up bass. Say wha?!!

Welcome home, homies. Photo courtesy of Just For Fun Photography

Welcome home, homies. Photo courtesy of Just For Fun Photography

Sounds like it was a pretty successful tour and a good time. I can’t think of a better crew to rep Montana’s hip hop across 4 states.

If you happen to live under a rock:
Check it out, here is the event page with info and more links to the above mentioned artists :)


If you value your liver, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to NorthWest Fresh.

Just don’t.

Here’s why:

At first, you’ll think its cool.

The bar, Monk’s, has a good vibe. So you check your coat and hit up the bartender for the incredibly cheap drink specials. (Titos mixed drinks $1.50?!! Erm, sure.)

Then you start catching up with old friends, maybe even making some new ones, and scoping out the new merch from Royale.

Before you know it, someone is talking about this infamous Purple Drank, so you try one. All of the sudden its like some sort of twisted happy hour, and fireball is two for one between 11 and 12… so you and your bestie order a tray-full to split.

Because that’s always a good idea.

Upon losing [and then hunting down] all of your shit multiple times, you’ll decide its time to cool it.

Your original mission was to get absorbed into the music. Remembering that, you take post in the front row and proceed to take terrible drunk pictures, dance your little ass off, and recite lyrics until you black out.

This isn’t a theory people, this is real life sheeit. Trust me. I saw it happen.

Actually I felt it happen, because the above mentioned is your truly.

I caught LAST Wednesday’s show with a few of my faves:
Traff the Wiz
DDG x Surebert
AbNorml Tunes


And I’m pretty sure I did permanent damage to both my brain and my liver….

Good Music + great friends + cheap booze = epic disaster

And amazing drunk photography skillz. [Hey, I'm a blogger, not a photog, k! I can't be good at everything guys!]

Jimmy Beccari

Jimmy Beccari


Mateo Mblem

My Homie, Traff The motherfckin' Wiz!! hell yeah, Sparehouse Ent.!

My Homie, Traff The motherfckin’ Wiz!! hell yeah, Sparehouse Ent.!

AbNorml Tunes reppin' hip hop from the Valley. Chyeah!

AbNorml Tunes reppin’ hip hop from the Valley. Chyeah!


Last but not least, Mr. David Dalla G outta Bozeman. this kid….

DJ Surebert and me. Fun Fact: Apparently when I'm wastey pants I call him BertBert.

And since I didn’t catch him on stage….. DJ Surebert and me. Fun Fact: Apparently when I’m wastey pants I call him BertBert. Is he not the cutest DJ you have ever seen??!

I’m looking out for you, friends, unless you are extremely responsible [HA! right], you prob shouldn’t go. Unless you have a babysitter.

You will lose your shit [anyone find my cigs? or my plugs? or my cash? haha], you will have too much fun, and you will need to take a few days off to recover…. and take random pics of random people in the bathroom:

Anybody know this girl? Cause  I sure don't ahha. Bathroom buddies for life! ;)

Anybody know this girl? Cause
I sure don’t ahha. Bathroom buddies for life! ;)

But if you’re up for the challenge, and you think you can handle it…. or you’re a damn rebel…. The next show is going to prob be one of the most epic frackin NorthWest Fresh ever.

Are you ready?

Drum roll puhleez……

GRAVES 33!!! GRAYSKUL!! November 13th!


Check it out, but only if you dare……